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Emotions and our Lymph system

Posted by Colorado Massage Therapy on September 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM

We are born with our lymph systems containing the same lymph fluid as our mother. So we don't start out with perfect lymph, but we have the ability to clean it ourselves until we get older or  have too many experiences with life ----or too many toxins from vaccinations, chemicals, drugs, food coloring, and food preservatives, polluted air and water. This explains why so many younger people are getting ill at an early age--the junk in their mothers lymph system is toxic --due to  the many reasons above. Also, 70% of us started out as twins in the womb, and the debris of the other twin is still in the spinal fluid. THE ONLY WAY TO CLEAN THE SPINAL FLUID IS TO CLEAN THE LYMPH SYSTEM and the instant corrections will do this.  Older people came from mothers with cleaner lymph systems, thats why they are still around.


The spinal cord is very delicate and can be damaged easily from falls and such during our youth and will become weaker and weaker in that area as time goes by. This will cause that area to become 'unplugged' from the 'power strip,' also known as your spinal cord. As other body parts try to cope and work around the disconnection--they become disconnected too.


Our negative experiences with life are also recorded and stored in the spinal fluid, and it becomes weakened and confused. We call this illness, disease and aging.


All our body parts must be reconnected to our mind, brain, spinal cord, and to each other. Our past and current emotions, stress, anxiety, fears, phobias etc must be disconnected and unplugged from the spinal cord in order to detox the lymph fluid. If your mind, brain, liver, bladder and large intestine are not plugged back in---you cannot clean your lymph fluid and things will get worst over time--unless you find some way to do it. I don't know of any other way to do this. Cleanses are good--but they don't reconnect you back up to your lymph system. Also many get sick on cleanses and when using herbs--well thats because they work--BUT if you are already disconnected as most people are---you will 'get sick' and spend a lot of time vomiting and sitting on the toilet--because your lymph system is already over loaded and has no other way to get rid of the toxins. So most back away from the cleanse and hope it did them some good.


The instant results people obtain are from getting the sluggish lymph system to move once again  and communicate with the area. Their lymph is like hardened jello trying to get through a straw. Just how it feels to me--then as we speak it seems to get thin and move faster. I'm not a doctor-all this is just my opinions.


Many people have saved a lot of money  by having these corrections done to the spinal fluid and not the area itself--which would cause more injury swelling and burden on the system.


A injured, swollen arm received a correction to the lymph fluid, not the arm and the pain was greatly reduced in a few seconds.


An infected leg was not treated, but the specific area of the lymph fluid was and the swelling and redness went down while we were on the phone.


In all cases of pain and swelling, the  area was already cut off from the lymph system and became weak or the injury would not have happened, in the first place.  Two people can be in the same car accident and get injured in different places--due to previously weakened areas.


We are taught about medicine in a very backwards way, one example is this: a lady falls down and breaks a hip. The fall didn't cause the hip to break--it broke while she was walking, and that caused the fall.  Had her hip been hooked up strongly to the lymph system, she most likely, would have gotten back up off the floor. Just my opinion.



All problem areas are treated at the specific lymph fluid site, not the area itself. This includes all emotional issues, trauma, anxiety, fear , phobias, etc  I don't have to be on the phone with you to do this. Just think of how many useless surgeries have been done on the specific body areas--when a correction on the specific area of the spinal fluid would have helped instead?


If your kidneys, bladder, liver and large intestine are not strongly connected to the brain and lymph system--you can't clean your own lymph system in a fast way and experience quick results. 


I feel sure this is the way to rejuvenation, once the lymph system is strong again and keeps dumping toxins, the body is free to heal and repair itself.  

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