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What is the Brennan Healing Science� Difference?

Posted by Colorado Massage Therapy on September 13, 2013 at 8:55 PM

What is the Brennan Healing Science® Difference?

Brennan Healing Science (BHS) is recognized by many as the most advanced of any healing modality that works through the human energy field or aura.

The laying on of hands is an age-old process. People of all cultures have employed it for centuries, and today it is the foundation of many popular—but often imprecise—ways of healing.

Brennan Healing Science propels the methods of the ancients into a whole new and sophisticated dimension—in fact, several dimensions. As Dr. Brennan says, the human energy field is a deep and fascinating place, familiar to some of us but unknown to most, and waiting patiently to be explored.

Each person's field consists of numerous levels, each holding great volumes of information on health, behavioral patterns, personal issues, past histories, and much, much more. BHS gives its practitioners not just the keys to the door, but to all the rooms. This ability that we call High Sense Perception—the tools of exploration—is learned relatively swiftly, because it has simply lain dormant.

So students are taught not only how to read the field, but also to discern why it is damaged or distorted, and to utilize the appropriate healing technique from among a whole array developed by Dr. Brennan.

With BHS, the healer's personal wisdom and Divine Intelligence operate hand in hand, unlike other energy healing systems where you are primarily in "allow" and more or less working blind.

The other major component of Brennan Healing Science is personal transformation.

The Barbara Brennan School of Healing has been called the fast track to personal growth because of the importance it places upon healing the self—imperative if healers are to work clearly and compassionately, unhindered by their own issues and fears.

The powerful combination of leading-edge techniques, High Sense Perception, and acute self-awareness has tremendous benefits for both clients and healers. Each healing session teaches and transforms the healer, bringing about even greater understanding of the intelligence and mystery of the body, of the higher dimensions of consciousness, and of life itself.

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